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Our Academy

Hakam Academy of Learning provides Ontario Education Curriculum based tutoring from grades JK to 12. We help build your child’s confidence in their learning by ensuring any gaps in their education are filled before moving onto other concepts. The courses at Hakam Academy of Learning include Math, English and Science for Grades JK-8, as well as specialized courses for 9-12. Extra programs are also present to help your child succeed in the Ontario standardized Tests; EQAO and OSSLT.


With our small student to tutor ratio, we ensure each student gets the utmost attention and support from our tutors.

University Student

Hakam Kaur - Director and Founder

Hakam Kaur is a McMaster Alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and then has graduated with a Masters of Education (Emphasis: Curriculum Teaching and Learning) from the Ontario Institute of Education (O.I.S.E)- University of Toronto. Through her master’s degree, Hakam has analyzed the Ontario Curriculum and understands how the school system can create gaps between the knowledge students acquire. With 7 years of experience of working for various tutoring companies as well as being a private tutor, Hakam has effectively helped hundreds of students bridge the gap that schools often create and has implemented this ideology at Hakam Academy of Learning.



Hakam Singh - Operations Executive 

Hakam Singh is an inspiring computer engineer, who is committed to bringing his computational knowledge to the future students of Hakam Academy of Learning.  Technology is a part of life which we are truly dependent on. The need for technological advance is ever growing. Throughout his years at York University, Hakam Singh has peer tutored as well as helped children of all ages increase their software and technological hardware skills. Hakam Singh is currently working on a state of the art inductive charging system which will allow otherwise user bound radius drone ranges to be expanded to a non user bounded limit.

Our Mission and Vision

The educational model at schools do not cater to each student’s knowledge and abilities which can leave them feeling frustrate and helpless with the grades they are receiving.


At Hakam Academy of Learning, we ensure to bridge the gap between the Ontario Curriculum expectations and your child’s knowledge in each subject.

Study Group

Small Learning Groups

Small student to teacher ratio to ensure each student gets the required attention and support to succeed

Lifestyle counseling

Continuing Support

Post-Secondary Education and Career Counselling

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