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At Hakam Academy of Learning, we thrive to eliminate the negative stigma and challenge that Mathematics possesses as a subject. Many students as well as parents have the stigma that some students are just “born math people”; we at Hakam Academy of Learning are here to prove that wrong. We believe that everyone “IS A MATH PERSON”. To eliminate the negative stigma between math and our students, we use 3 key teaching strategies.

 1 :   Building Strong Fundamentals


Most students find it difficult to understand the concepts they are learning in school due to gaps in fundamental math knowledge. Mathematics as a subject is comprised of many building blocks; if students do not have strong fundamental knowledge it becomes a challenge when advancing through the math curriculum. At Hakam Academy of Learning we ensure our students learn strategies to improve their arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), critical thinking and reasoning skills.

2: Making Math Learning Fun


Many students find math boring which discourages their engagement with the subject. We ensure students are engaged by using manipulatives, technology and relevant topics when learning. Math often becomes more fun for students when they feel they are succeeding in grasping the concepts, which is why at Hakam Academy of Learning we ensure our students have enough practice in each concept.

Writing on the Board

3: Working through Hard Problems


We ensure our students are not only confident in their fundamentals of mathematics, but they use them to solve hard work problems. This helps students be more confident when working on application question often expressed as word problems in tests.

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