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How will enrolling my child at Hakam Academy of Learning help in my child’s progress at school?

At Hakam Academy of Learning your child goes through a preliminary assessment where their skills and knowledge of the subject they are wanting tutoring for will be assessed. A individualized program will then be created to help your child receive help in the areas of difficulty. Targeting specifically where your child needs help will then result in a more positive outcome during school evaluations. Individualized programs can also be created for students to work ahead of their grade level.

What subjects do you provide tutoring for?

At Hakam Academy of Learning we provide a special Math and English program is for children PreK-K. We provide English, Math and Science tutoring from grades 1-8. Specific Course tutoring is available for Grade 9-12. Our tutors provide help for all school assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and exams.

What extra programs are available at the center?

Summer Fast Track Program placed to either give your child an edge to the next school year by teaching them concepts beforehand. The summer program can also be used to ensure previous concepts and skills are refreshed before going to the next year.

March Break and Winter Break: Fun Einstein Camp




Post-Secondary Educational Counselling

Is the program catered to my child specifically?

Yes, a program is specifically created to cater to your child’s strengths and to improve areas in their educational journey which need help.

How many hours should my child be coming to the center per week?

Each student has different needs and for this we have 3 different packages. A 2 times a week, 3 times a week and 4 times a week. After the initial assessment, the parents and coordinator can decide which package best fits their child’s schedule and needs.

What are the timings of Hakam Academy of Learning?

Hakam Academy of Learning is opened from Monday to Friday 3pm-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am-1pm.

Is an assessment provided to my child before enrolling in the tutoring program?

An initial assessment is done for each subject your child wishes to get tutored for to ensure a program is created to target their areas that need improvement.

Is an assessment provided to my child before enrolling in the tutoring program?

Our tutors are assessed based on their educational qualifications as well as their experience in the tutoring field. Most of our students are either university graduates or have higher level of education in the subject that they tutor.

Is Hakam Academy of Learning open year-round?

Yes Hakam Academy of Learning is open year-round and offers classes and camps during the summer holidays, march and winter break.

What is the student to teacher ratio at Hakam Academy of Learning?

The student to ratio for Grade 1-8 is maximum 3/4 students:1 tutor. The ratio for Grade 9-12 is a maximum of 3 students:1 tutor. Students will be matched with other students of relatively similar grade levels and same subjects.

What happens if my child misses a class?

If your child misses a class, that class will not be lost, and an alternate session can be adjusted during the month. Please try to inform us 24 hours in advance if you know your child will not be able to attend a class. The missed class will have to be adjusted in that current month and cannot be added to the next calendar month; where then that class will not be refunded for.

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