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Extra Programs

Hakam Academy of Learning provides more than just traditional tutoring services, we also have fun and exciting workshops where educational activities turn long days into exciting unforgettable adventures.

Accelerated Summer Program

Returning back to the school year from the summer vacation leaves students feeling lost and underprepared for the beginning of classes. To ensure students don’t loose the knowledge and skills of what was acquired the previous grade, an accelerated summer program is used. The accelerated summer program is where students can either be prepared for the next year by learning the curriculum beforehand or can be used to work on prior skills and concepts that need to be strengthened.


The tutors go over lesson plans that are very similar to ones that are used by teachers at school and ensure each concept is thoroughly understood before moving to the next. During the program all units of a subject can be covered for the next year. Most importantly, we ensure to go at the student’s pace to ensure a non-stressful environment with maximum understanding of all units.

March Break and Winter Break: Creative Einstein Camp

Alongside the normal tutoring classes, there are extra programs during the week of March Break and Winter Break where students can collaborate with other students to go through various activities. We create various activities that are both educational but also zap your child’s creative mind.


Activities include but are not limited to

  • Board games with themes of probability, collaboration, critical thinking skills etc.

  • Painting (canvas/toy/artifact)

  • Chess tournaments

  • STEM activities and demonstrations

  • Building/designing

  • Inputs taken based on students interests


The EQAO assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics are taken for students in Grade 3 and 6


In Grade 9 there is only one Assessment of Mathematics from EQAO


Special Programs are placed at Hakam Academy of Learning to ensure your child is fully prepared and familiar with the EQAO assessment. We completely explain old EQAO tests to ensure your child is familiar with the format of the test. All types of problems and examples are thoroughly explained. Tips and tricks to complete all types of questions are also given to ensure your child so that they can achieve a higher result. Students go over mock tests as if they are writing the EQAO to ensure they will be familiar with the process when actually writing it.


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a standardized literacy test performed in grade 10. It is a requirement to pass the OSSLT in order for a student to graduate high school.


Our OSSLT PREP course ensures that the student has all the necessary skills and knowledge to exceed in the literacy test. Students learn from passed tests and undergo mock tests.

Post-Secondary Educational Counselling

Job Interview

The Director and founder Ms. Hakam Kaur gives 1 on 1 post-secondary educational counselling to you and your child to ensure they can achieve their dream post-secondary program and institution. Mandatory grade 11 and 12 courses that need to be taken in order for the program they want to apply to are discussed, as well as beneficial elective courses. Ms. Kaur goes through different university/college programs and possible future careers.

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