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 At Hakam Academy of Learning we support our student’s success in English with focus on reading, writing and media literacy using the Ontario Education Curriculum. Our wide range of tutors help your child in their writing abilities, whether that be helping your child learn how to write the alphabet or provide critical essay writing skills.

Elementary School English

For Early Grades JK to 3, Hakam Academy of Learning focuses on basic literacy skills to ensure our students have a strong foundation for their language development.


For Elementary Grades 4 to 8, our tutors focus on building your child’s ability to use their foundational literacy skills to understand and communicate their broad range of ideas. Our tutors assist with reading comprehension, writing, spelling, vocabulary and more.


Special program is in place for students in Grade 3 and 6 to excel in the English standardized test conducted by EQAO.

Grade 9-12


At Hakam Academy of learning, high school English tutors follow the Ontario Curriculum to help our students in reading, writing and English literature. Our tutors provide aid in assignments, projects and essay writings by helping develop and organize their ideas.


Special program is in place for preparing students in Grade 10 for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

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