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Early Learners (PreK- K)

Hakam Academy of Learning believes academic success in a student’s educational journey starts from the development of strong Math and English skills during their early ages. Often early learners cannot develop sufficient English and math skills in school due to the large classroom sizes. At Hakam Academy of Learning your child will develop these skills with a small teacher to student ratio to ensure strong fundamentals are created early on.

With our English early learners’ program, Hakam Academy of Learning helps develop your child’s crucial reading and writing skills. Staring from writing and reading out the alphabet to words and finally writing out sentences. Your child will feel immensely confident and accomplished when they will be able to read and write independently.

Our educators will help in building your child’s math skills from an early age by practicing in engaging methods. Skills such as counting, and number sequence will be taught in various ways such as using manipulative or counting blocks. As your child masters these skills, it will create a newfound independence and confidence which will help them in independent work at home.

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