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The Hakam Academy of Learning Curriculum is based upon the Ontario Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education. We believe positive academic progress at school can only be achieved when a student is reinforced with help at a learning center that matches what they are learning at school. We also believe education should not be bounded by grade levels; and instead encourage and match students’ abilities to learn further than their current grade level.


At Hakam Academy of Learning, we make sure to update our curriculum with accordance to any changes with the Ministry of Education to ensure no gaps are left in your child’s path of success.

Levitating Books

Academics and Curriculum

Courses Offered (At Various Levels)

  • Early Learners

  • Math

  • Science and Technology

  • English

  • Accelerated Summer Program

  • March Break and Winter Break: Creative Einstein Camp

  • EQAO Prep

  • OSSLT Prep

  • Post- Secondary Educational Counselling

  • Online tutoring also available, please contact for more details 


We welcome you to our Centre for a free educational assessment to ensure a tutoring plan which best fits your child's needs is created. We offer a wide range of monthly class sessions which can be created based on each child's unique learning plan.

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